ISTQ Derives from a group of unique individuals who possess a wealth of training and operational experiences. 


Between us we have worked in a wide and diverse array of theatres of operation and within differing sectors, ranging from the Police, Military, Medical and Private Security Professionals.


We believe in ensuring any training we deliver is relevent and tailored towards our clients needs, real, fit for purpose training with either RQF qualifcations, International qualifications or ISTQ CPD certficated training.


We will gladly discuss your training needs or if requested to do so conduct a TNA (training Needs Analysis for you.


You simply can not have over trained or over qualificed team members, an investment in training is an investment in your team, your business and your future.


The links above will take you to our Corporate / Mandatory Training ie First Aid, Health & Safety etc...., SIA regulated Security Qualifications ie Close Protectiion Operations, CCTV Operator, Safe Use of Mechanical Restraints etc.. Maritime Security Courses, International quallifications, eLearning with ISTQ and Combination Courses (additional value for money combination packages.


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