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Realistic, fun, fit for purpose training. #thisishowwedoit #noshortcuts #professionaltraining #istq #traintherightway


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Paul C - MD First Line Events

We only allow our team to be trained by ISTQ as we find their training to be the most exciting, fit for purpose and engaging we have experienced. We have been to other training providers in the past and now stick with ISTQ as we have every confidence that ISTQ will use their vast and varied knowledge along with their excellent deilvery skills to ensure we recieve the very best training available today


Katy J - Club Member WSC

Incredible Instructors, amazing knowledge.



Ape J - PSD Operator Iraq

With all my years of experience as an ex special task force member and current PSD operator for 14 years, I can honestly say that the ICP course delivered by Lee at ISTQ was the best course I have ever completed and has provided me with new skills and the ability to male positive changes to my current role



Paul Woodgate - Trustee WSC

Over all my years I have completed a huge and diverse number of courses and the course delivered by the guys at ISTQ is easily the best, most informative and fun course I have ever attended. I would highly recommend their training.

Jake D - FLES security officer

I have completed a number of courses with ISTQ and I have enjoyed every single one of them, the team at ISTQ are knowledgeable and superb instructors.


Butch K - Close Protection SA

Wow what a course, mind blowing and professionally delivered. I would recommend ISTQ training to anyone wishing to enter the security industry or those that wish to progress and learn new skills.



Alan G - Now Chairman MOP

This company changed my life! If it wasn’t for the ISTQ team I would be homeless and unemployed! I gained my cp licence and gained employment with their help instantly

Francois F - CPO CEO Google

The course and Instruction provided has helped me along an extremly progressive path in the close protection and maritime industries. ISTQ have given me the effective tools to make the difference. Real training, real skills and highly experienced tutors have helped make me the success I am today.

Morne F - General Manager

I had the privilege to attend an international close protection course that was presented by Lee. It was a tough and demanding course but the way Lee presented the course material and imparted his knowledge made a huge difference not only to myself but the rest of the students as well. One could clearly see from the start Lee is very experienced in this field and brings a wealth of information and skills to the class room. He is a very passionate and motivated teacher and expects the same from his students. I would most definitely recommend Lee as a CPO teacher / trainer.

Ian P - Head of Production

Working with Lee was an absolute pleasure on a recent film shoot requiring security consultancy and procedural accuracy. His breadth of knowledge and professionalism allowed us to deliver both a dynamic and exciting whilst remaining an incredibly safe film shoot. In a heartbeat I would work with Lee again in all aspects and look forward to another shoot where we can utilise his extensive skills.


Ben E - CPO and Manager

Lee is a highly regarded and professional close protection team leader and SIA tutor. He has a wide variety of skills and experience which he imparts to both students and colleagues. He is also highly motivated and he strives to achieve the maximum he can out of everything he puts his hand to. I would highly recommend him to any corporate or person who requires a high end CPO or trainer. 

Cpt Mark B - RSA Navy


I am currently a lecturer at the South African Military Academy while my interests are mainly in the maritime security field.  I have around 36 years of experience in the maritime field of which seven of those years have been in command.  

I had the privilege of completing a ISTQ "Maritime Security Operative" accredited program in South Africa recently.  The course was professionally presented by Professor Henry Fouche and the content of an exceptional standard.  I would really feel more comfortable if any of the security personnel attached to my ship had completed the course as a prerequisite.  The content would ensure that the MSO is more accustomed to the terminology, routine and operations onboard any ship.  It would not only give the Master peace of mind, but also assist the MSO to be a more productive member of the crew of the vessel.

Keep up the good work in educating and equipping our members operating in a (sometinmes) harsh environment.

Captain (SA Navy) Mark Blaine

Ryan C - Ex SAPS

This course was extremely taxing but informative, I have been responsible for planning and carrying out a wide variety of operations over an extensive police career. The ISTQ ICP course has taught me some really useful new operational skills along with the very relevent and real skills required to work as a professional Close Protection Officer. I am so proud to have completed the course and so grateful to the lessons learned from the team at ISTQ


R Beckford - Customer SVC

Educational, fun learning skills we should all know!

Poppy H - Mills & Reeve Norwich

Brilliant Tutor, I would highly recommend to anyone. Made the whole process very memorable, made things fun and so easy to remember.

Matthew K

Very knowledgeable tutor, Very good in presenting and envolved all the perticipants. Added comedy whihc really lightended the mood without detracting from the content.



Amy Parkins - 

Engaging tutor, lots of hands on experience & knowledge. Made the course fun without taking away anything from how improtant First Aid is. Thank you



Charlene H - Executive

The course was very informative and delivered in a thorough yet fun way. I would definitely recommend ISTQ training

Daniel Wenn - Executive

Top quality training, thank you guys. We'll be back for more.


Danni A 

I learnt a great deal, the tutor had a huge amount of knowledge and experience, great course content, Thank you ISTQ

Lucy D - Executive

''We thoroughly enjoyed our company first aid training session. Lee & Vinnie were fantastic, patient and entertaining coaches who made the training fun rather than your average training course. I would recommend them, and the course to any company looking to get essential knowledge and have a little bit of team building experience, too. Thanks again!' 

Jason Newell - Project Mgr

Far and away the best trainer I have experienced, Thank you 5 stars!!


Dominique Merchant - Admin

Fantastic!! practical and theory was very in depth but easy to understand. Tutor was very knowledgable and easy to speak to



Kevin Driscoll - Supervisor

Fantastic course taught by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable person




Friends of ISTQ - Mates of Primates "Letting Monkeys be Monkeys".

Mates of Primates Highly Recommend ISTQ delivered training programmes.

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