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ISTQ personnel come from a variety of backgrounds and are former Education, Military, Special Forces and Home Office operatives and training instructors all of whom have been very carefully selected due to their unrivalled instructional levels and exceptional experience to provide a quality service and product, ISTQ instructors are carefully vetted to ensure that they have the necessary experience, knowledge and appropriate operational skills to be able to deliver the high standards that are required to provide the client with a high end learning and service product.

The blending of these Personnel has proven to be a powerful vehicle in the creation and enhancement of relevant, progressive, and challenging teaching. We pride ourselves on the product knowledge and the delivery we provide addressing the realities of today's society, terror threats and the instructional requirements needed for the end user to gain subject knowledge and ensure that they are fit for purpose for the Security Industry.

International Security Training Qualifications are a specialist training provider experienced in the wider training arena delivering International programmes to internationally recognised Private, Government, and Corporate organisations.
ISTQ training has been designed to enable our clients to operate to the highest standard consistent with international law and using proportional and effective force with the appropriate rules of engagement in there chosen country.

We provide specialised training qualifications and support services to both the private and corporate clients throughout the Middle East, Africa, Malaysia, and Europe, we are seen as recognised leaders in the International Security Training Industry and provide high-quality products to those that use us. ISTQ provide a bespoke qualification service to our clients from Security Executive Close Protection training to Gunsmiths Apprentices that are now delivered on a global basis.


Our Mission Statement

At ISTQ it is our mission to become the leading provider of International security training, ensuring that we are the best in our industry, to which other providers strive to emulate.
This will be established based on mutual respect, honesty and diligence in developing key working relationships with both our clients and staff. 
We will ensure an innovative, bespoke and personable approach to our partners and clients requirements. We will continue to challenge all our business processes to achieve and exceed our customers’ expectations and key performance indicators in training, operational and commercial sectors. 

We shall continue to surpass our aims through delivering high quality training solutions to the continual delight of our partners and clients alike. 

Neil Reader. 



Neil Reader











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Nico Schutte

Our Senior Managment Team.


Neil Reader Chief Executive Officer

ISTQ International.

Neil is one of two Senior Managers and co-founders of ISTQ International he is national acclaimed security related training and protection consultant, Neil is a well-known face worldwide, delivering training and has lectured too many government bodies, law enforcement agencies and the corporate sector on many diverse security issues.

Neil served with the British Army for 14 years with worldwide operational experience of covert and tactical intelligence gathering missions. During this period, Neil also served on active service Worldwide.

Since leaving the military he has spent 16 years serving with the Home Office at one of the highest levels as a National Certificated Instructor, training the Police, Prison, Immigration, and Customs & Excise along with Foreign Government bodies in all aspects of law enforcement. Both services achieved excellent exemplary discharge records.
Neil has been responsible as a serious incident commander and advisor for the Home Office for live incidents on a National basis, as well as providing the dedicated role of On Scene Bronze & Silver commander.
He has served as a lecturer on Security within the Education sector and lectured in FE and been Guest speaker at many Universities, Neil was a Senior Security Manager and Senior Security Advisor at the 2012 Olympic Games, Prior to the 2012 Olympic Games Neil wrote the training package for the International Olympic Delivery Authority which was implemented in the lead up to the 2012 games time to all Senior managers and staff.

Neil was responsible in co-writing the first Physical Intervention training programme accepted by both the AO and the Sia, and has been involved with writing International training packages for a variety of organisations worldwide.
He was likewise involved as part of the writing team that co-wrote many of the training programmes that are widley used today by the Security Industry including International Close Protection and the newly International endangered species Anti-Poaching qualification and the newly acclaimed and ground-breaking International Gunsmiths Qualification.   

He is internationally recognised as a tutor of modern close protection systems he is also an acknowledged authority on Security Education programmes Neil has experience of 38 years serving the corporate, private, government and public sectors in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, and has recently moved in to the African Market.

Over these years, Neil has been presented several Awards for Courageous Bravery and Saving Life.

Neil recently undertook major life changing surgery and fought of a life-threatening illness with the support of his Wife, family and close friends.  

Neil once again relishes new challenges within the Security Industry and providing a service that is seen as Outstanding.


Lee Sherratt Exceutive Director. ISTQ.

Lee is one of two senior managers and co-founders of ISTQ International and possesses a wealth of operational field experience in Close Protection for VIP's, Celebrities, Executives, High Net-worth Individuals and Politicians on both a National and International basis.

Lee has worked with a hugely diverse client base and has protected individuals, families and their Assets. Lee has lead Protective operations on an international basis and is a lead Close Protection Instructor for ISTQ providing and imparting this knowledge to delegates worldwide.

Lee has managed security teams at both National and International televised sporting and concert events including; Michael Jackson, Metallica, Deff Leppard, Prince and Bryan Adams to name but a few. Lee has recently provided a Protection team for the film industry and on site protection for lead actors.

He was one of the principal Counter Terrorist trainers for the Olympic Delivery Authority in the lead up to the London 2012 Olympic Games, where our teams were directly engaged to provide a Close Protection Team to protect the ODA facility at Greenway adjacent to the Olympic Park.

Amongst Lee's previous experiences, he has been Operations Director for a hugely successful National events and Leisure Company, where he helped develop this into becoming a first class operation and market leader.

Lee manages the day to day running of Scorpion International and has extensive knowledge of Commercial Business and the Security Industry which puts Scorpion International to position themselves amongst the top of the Industry providers.



Professor Nicolene Barkhuizen.

Academic Advisor to ISTQ and Talent Management Director

Nicolene is a full Professor in the Department of Industrial Psychology of the North-West University (NWU), Mafikeng Campus in South Africa. In her current position Nicolene is the Director of the Talent Management Research Entity, GIFT (Global Innovative Forefront Talent) which she established in 2012 and groomed to be a fully-fledged recognised research niche area. This program is currently spearheading talent management research and practice in the African context and has already draw attention from many leading Universities around the globe.
Nicolene is the author and co-author of more than 100 books, chapters in textbooks, journal articles and conference proceedings. She is a regular keynote speaker at business conferences on the topic of Talent Management. Nicolene served on the executive boards of various professional institutions such as the South African Board of People Practices of which she also acted as the Chair of Human Resource Research Initiative.

In 2013 Nicolene was acknowledged by the DHL Rising Stars Awards as one of the top 5 most talented employees under the age of 40 in the Public-Sector Industry. Furthermore, Nicolene was acknowledged on National Level in 2015 by the Minister of Science of Technology in South-Africa for research excellence in the field of Human and Social Sciences. Nicolene is widely recognised for her ability to innovate and empower future talent through her research, teaching and community service interventions. Nicolene’s dynamic thinking and challenging of the ‘STATUS QUO’ is an absolute breath of fresh air and she is sure shaking up the world on the subject of Talent Management, something desperately needed within our industry. We welcome Nicolene to our Organisations and the input she will make in the future in helping ISTQ students to reach goals and for Nicolene to spot the Talent and help drive them to new heights.

Nicolene can be contacted via Email: info@istq.co.uk


Lt Col JM ISTQ International

Security Advisor and Associate Director

ISTQ CBRN UK & International Consultant

Retiring as a Senior Royal Air Force Regiment officer, James, has a strong background in Leadership, Training, Critical and Strategic Asset Protection, Operational Planning, Command and Control, Force Protection, Pre-deployment Training, Risk Analysis and Counter Specialist Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) mitigation and planning.

James’ final appointment, in the Royal Air Force, was as the Chief of Staff of the Defence CBRN Wing and Deputy Component Commander of the Combined Joint Multi National CBRN Task Force (CJ-MN-CBRN-TF) for NATO Reaction Force 13. Throughout his career, James, has served in many locations across the globe supporting and defending strategic air and ground assets mitigating against tactical incursions that could have far reaching strategic and political impact. He has also supported the UK Government’s initiatives support to partner nations delivering operational planning, counter-terror, counter MANPAD advice, command and control procedures advice and training to numerous civilian airports, ports and other critical assets.

James is a Principal Consultant coordinating a multi-disciplinary Land, Aviation, CBRN and High Risk consultancy.  He maintains his operational military knowledge and experience serving as a Major within the UK’s Army Reserve with 6 Regiment Army Air Corps.

"Our CBRN Specialists have combined the experience, capabilities and skills of the former Commander and Deputy Commander of the Combined Joint Multi National CBRN Task Force (CJ-MN-CBRN-TF) for NATO Reaction Force 13 and the UK's Defence CBRN Wing. In addition to consolidating the expertise of key operational and training staffs from UK and NATO Tier 1 CBRN Communities. Their combined experience, capabilities and skills provide an agile and highly capable consultancy base delivering strategic advice, planning, leadership and capability development alongside tactical and specialist training, courses and mentoring throughout the CBRN spectrum”.

JM can be contacted via Email: jm@istq.co.uk


Professor Nico Schutte.

Academic Advisor to ISTQ, Professor and educator in Police Science.

Nico Schutte is an Associate Professor in the Department of the Public Administration of the NWU in South Africa. Nico is currently serving as the advisor and implementer of eLearning pedagogy for NWU. He is a highly focused, educated professional with a passion, ability and competence for the creation and delivery of outstanding performances, initiatives and solutions, Nico is Approachable, flexible, and results-driven, setting, and exceeding expectations with the ability to work together with colleagues to bring significant and outstanding improvements.

He has 2 PHD’s with more than 20 years of senior diverse industry management experience. Associates see him as a cutting-edge visionary entrepreneur with extensive experience leading a full spectrum of business operations within diverse industries and environments. Nico is highly regarded by his business partners, clients, and executive teams as a key advisor, creative problem solver, skilled leader, business analyst and key note and motivational speaker. Nico has Served 7 Years as Head of South-Africa’s largest and leading Business School which is seen as one of the highest achieving Schools in SA today.

Nico currently trains and educates many top officers in Police Science and is well respected by the governments and private sector but on an International basis.  He achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel when still serving within the South-African National Police Force, and was appointed as the president of the Academy of the South African Board for People Practices during 2014. Nico held the position as CEO for Enterprise Support which business model now has a vast impact around the globe and has been turned into a multi-million-pound business idea and venture.

In 2016 Nico won the highest accolade by the South-African Board of People’s Practices for his contribution and groundbreaking work in the field of Human Resources within the African setting. He is an absolute pinnacle of information and knowledge and brings a fresh and current approach to ISTQ International, & ISTQ UK Ltd and its innovative training programmes.

Nico can be contacted via Email: info@istq.co.uk


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